‘Wings’ responsible for Lorenzo Ducati woes

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Former MotoGP king Jorge Lorenzo has revealed the main problem he had during his mercurial tenure at Ducati - wings.

The Spaniard says that the extra force required to turn the bike resulted in hurty arms which hampered his pace.

“In 2018, I was the rider who had the best starts, braked later and put the bike upright first to use all of Ducati’s power, meaning I accelerated the best. But I suffered from the same problem again and again,” he said,

“I had arm fatigue during the races and that made me slow my pace very much and also a turning problem that made the front wheel not want to turn in the same way as the rear.

“Supposedly this was caused by the aerodynamics, those large wings that Ducati had, which made a type of turbulence in the middle of the corner, at maximum lean, and with worn tyres it made it very difficult.”