MotoGP rules out two races per weekend in 2020

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Picture: GeeBee Images

MotoGP chief Manuel Arroyo has ruled out two races per weekend for the blue riband class because too much would have to change in order to make it so.

Arroyo, who is Dorna’s director general, says at a technical level it would be too difficult as MotoGP is based around one 45-minute race for each bike.

“We not contemplate it, it is one of those news stories that is coming out – it is speculation, doing two races in the same weekend is not going to happen,” said Arroyo.

“Besides, the current structure of the championship, of the teams and the bikes themselves, are designed to make a type of competition, with a 45-minute race on Sunday.

Changing this is not easy at a technical level. Obviously it would not be impossible, but it does not provide us with anything.”

Dorna is still planning to run a full schedule this year but without a start date, it cannot confirm just how many races will take place in 2020, and when the season will end.

“When we know what day we can start, we will know how many weekends we have until Christmas to do races,” he said.

“Obviously taking into account the logistical needs, we cannot pretend, logically, to do a race every weekend until the end of the year - that is obvious.

“But when we know the day we can start, we will know if there will be ten or 16 or eight races, saying it now would be very risky.”