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MotoGP Sachsenring: Crutchlow in doubt after breaking tibia

Britain’s Cal Crutchlow is in doubt for this weekend’s Saschsenring MotoGP after a slip on some cobblestones resulted in a break to the top of his tibia.

Crutchlow had been out cycling and stopped to check something on his pushbike but slipped and banged his knee hard which resulted in a break and ligament damage.

“Unfortunately I have a bad injury to my knee. It happened yesterday in Assen. I rode home. I only had 30k left or something. I got off my bicycle to check my saddle height, I didn’t feel comfortable on my bike so I stopped on a cobbled road,” said Crutchlow.

“I half bent down to look at my saddle and my foot slipped from underneath me on the cobble and I hit my knee on the ground really hard. I broke the top of my tibia and it seems that the ACL ligament is completely snapped.

“Not in great shape, I don’t know if I will be able to ride tomorrow, we will see. This is the situation this weekend, another story, always a drama.”

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