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MotoGP Sepang: Desmosedici ‘impossible’ to ride – Petrucci

Works Ducati star Danilo Petrucci suffered massive vibrations at the end of yesterday’s Sepang MotoGP which made his GP19 ‘impossible to ride’.

The Italian, who has suffered a drop in form since his massive Mugello win, said his Desmosedici felt like it was jumping around and he could do nothing to cure it. Instead, he had to ride like he was on a wet track.

“A very difficult race. The last six laps I felt a very big vibration at the rear. We still don’t know why, but it was huge,” said Petrucci, speaking at the track.

“Without throttle, with throttle… in some corners it was really difficult to carry the speed. And it was a shame, because I was recovering some positions. I was following Jack, but at the end, it was really impossible to ride.

I thought I had a technical problem, and in fact from the data we saw this vibration was not like chattering, but like jumps. turn one, turn five, turn six, turn seven, turn eight, turn 11, turn 14, turn 15. A lot of corners where I had to ride just like it was wet and it was difficult to stay upright.”

Petrucci still managed to stay inside the top ten, finishing in ninth after Joan Mir was given a long-lap penalty, but couldn’t find a way around Jack Miller.

“I just slowed down a second a lap. It was very difficult to finish. Anyway, I tried my best, the first part of the race I was with Fabio, for sure he was not in a good shape like in practice, but I was there.

“I struggle a lot when there is a lack of grip like today and the problem is that when there is this lack of grip, carrying the speed inside the corner is very difficult. Maybe the extra weight I have doesn’t help.”

“The tyre was finished. But we don’t know if there was a problem with the tyre, or the consumption of the tyre,” Petrucci replied. “For sure at the end it was working really really bad. We have to check the data. For sure the tyre dropped a lot.

“Anyway, I did my best. For sure I am not happy, but I’m still fighting for the top five in the championship, even though some races before I was fighting for the top three. I gave my best, and that’s all.”

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