MotoGP Sepang: Tyre gamble fails to pay off for Miller

Pramac Ducati’s Jack Miller was the sole rider on yesterday’s Sepang MotoGP grid to opt for the medium rear Michelin but the gamble failed to pay off as he had to spin it too much in the opening laps.

Miller didn’t want to play the usual game of follow-my-leader, so opted for a tyre he hoped would give more grip at the end of the race but it didn’t pan out as he had hopd.

“You have to get 20 laps right here and not just one, so we went for the medium-compound rear tyre, and I was the only one of us on the entire grid to race it,” said Miller.

“It was a bit of an educated guess for all of us with tyre choice, and mine didn’t work. I wanted to do something different because it was the hottest it had been all week, the track temps were up around 54 degrees before the race.

“When you’re racing the factory guys, doing the same as them with tyres means you’re going to probably finish behind them because of the equipment they have. It’d become a game of follow-the-leader where you know where you’ll finish, more or less.

“If the medium tyre had have paid off for me today, it would have looked like a masterstroke. You have to try to do something different to come up with a different outcome.”

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