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MotoGP Silverstone: Quartararo pushing for run-off change

Petronas SRT Yamaha man Fabio Quartararo is one of the MotoGP riders pushing for a change to the runoff at turn six after originally having his record-breaking lap scrapped, only to have it re-instated later in the afternoon.

The Frenchman appeared to post the fastest two-wheeled lap around the British circuit, only to see it cancelled for running wide on the exit of turn six on his flying lap. With the lap cancelled, Quartararo was left down in eleventh. However, his lap time was later re-instated, giving him the fastest lap time of the day.

Quartararo said that he, along with Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso, were going to speak in the safety commission meeting about getting the curb extended, much like they did earlier in the month at Brno.

“I think everyone has something to say about turn six, because Valentino [Rossi] and Dovi [Andrea Dovizioso] also had important lap times cancelled,” said the rookie.

“It should be widened a little, like they did at Brno at the last turn considering that the exit is very aggressive, it’s hard not to run wide. There’s also a bump on the braking point.”

When Quartararo spoke, his lap time hadn’t been reinstated, leaving him to believe he was on the outside of the top ten, looking in. Despite that, he said he was very happy with his pace and felt good on the bike.

“It’s a real pity, I thought I’d set a great time because I really felt I was on the limit and it was a shame to see I was eleventh,” he said.

“The important thing is pace, and mine was phenomenal over those laps. We’ll talk about turn six in the Safety Commission, but I feel good on the bike.”

Silverstone is a circuit which allows the Yamaha to somewhat hide its flaws with most acceleration zones coming as a build-up through corners, rather than in a point-and-shoot style, much like in Austria.

As a result of this, there was four Yamaha’s in the top ten after free practice, when asked what the differences between his and the factory M1’s of Rossi and Vinales, Quartararo said: “We barely rode with Valentino and Maverick today, so I don’t know if the bikes are similar or different.

“I don’t even know what type of frame I’m using or if it’s different to theirs. I know I’m, using the new carbon swingarm, which is a real help because I saw right from the Brno test that it makes me quicker in the changes of direction and makes the M1 more agile.”

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