MotoGP Valencia: It was the best season in my career – Marquez

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MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez called his 2019 season the best of his career after capping a sensational season with his twelfth win of the season at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia.

The World Champion converted his front row start into another victory, comfortably holding off Quartararo to maintain his stunning season which saw him finish either first or second in 18 of the 19 races, with his only DNF coming when he crashed out of a comfortable lead in Austin.

The 26-year-old called his 2019 season the best of his career and was understandably delighted that his win helped his team complete the triple crown, securing the team championship title.

“It was an amazing season, my best season in my career, and I don’t know if it will be the best season in all my career,” said Marquez.

“But obviously the numbers, the statistics speak. We show our potential this year, was a perfect season, will be so difficult to improve. But we finish in the best way, which was winning the race in Valencia, but also taking the team championship, because all the Repsol Honda team deserve it.

“It’s the way to say thanks and goodbye to Jorge, because in the end the Jorge I have in mind and the one I want to remind everybody is the five times world champion, and in the end we will celebrate something together tonight and this makes me happy.”

As well as being what he called his best season, Marquez said that this was the most enjoyable season for him. He did warn that after a season like this, people become expectant and that is it not normal to achieve results like this every year.

“It was the best season and also the season I enjoy more. When the results are coming then you celebrate well,” said Marquez.

“But the problem is now, the people get used to this kind of result and this is not normal. The normal thing is win six or seven races in one season if you want to win the title, then try to be there on the podium and some mistakes. The opponents are waiting to see where I will make some mistakes.

“But at the moment what I am proud of is all the team, the people around me keep the same mentality. Especially Alberto was pushing a lot as a team manager, even when I was leading the championship by 80 points, he was pushing. In this last race, he complains to me about the morning crash, you need to be focused, blah blah. But this is the best way for a rider, you need to keep the pressure and you have the pressure.

“I hate it when someone beats me and then it’s news. Maybe next season this guy on the left side or the guy on my right side beats me many races and they’re tough contenders for the championship. But it’s racing, it’s MotoGP and this is the best thing. But this season we enjoy it a lot.”

When asked about his race, Marquez said that his less than perfect start was because of the downhill layout of the circuit and his body being in the wrong position.

“I knew before the race Fabio was very fast in the first laps and Maverick maybe was faster at the end, but I don’t know what happened to him as he arrived far from the top” he said.

“In Malaysia I did the best start of the season and here I did the worst start. Something happened, it’s slightly downhill and the bike was moving, and my body position was not the best one, so the start wasn’t so good.

“Apart from that we did a great comeback, in two laps we overtake many riders. Fabio was going away, but in two or three laps I catch him, and this was nice. But my strategy I told to Alberto before the race, I said was to read the race. Here for technical reasons I feel better in front than behind so it’s what I did. I catch Fabio and tried to overtake him as soon as possible.”