MotoGP’s return to Spa-Francorchamps takes step forward

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MotoGP’s return to the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps circuit has taken a further step forward as the region government has approved a massive investment plan.

Walloon region vice president Pierre-Yves Jeholet has revealed that a near-€30m plan to bring top-class bike racing back to the Liege track has been rubber-stamped with a view to having MotoGP returned to the land of chocolate and Brel in 2024.

“On my proposal, the government approved the participation of the region in an investment plan with an with the ambitious goal of bringing motorcycle events alongside F1 on the most beautiful circuit in the world,” said Jeholet.

The funds will come in the form of a loan from Sogepa, an investment and fund management firm, based in the region.

Spa last ran MotoGP in 1990 and was the scene of Barry Sheene’s legendary fastest-ever lap speed of 137.1 mph, albeit on the much longer 14km track in 1977.