No time for more testing, says Suzuki MotoGP chief

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Ecstar Suzuki MotoGP chief Shinichi Sahara believes there isn’t enough time left in the year to carry out a full, all-manufacturer test before the season begins.

With no MotoGP races due to take place until at least the middle of June, Sahara is of the opinion racing should begin as soon as it can with a one-day test just before the opening round - wherever that is.

“Some people were asking for another test before the season begins, and I can see the sense in that, but honestly speaking, the season is going to be too short as it is, so it would be better to just get started as soon as we can,” said Sahara.

“Probably it would be good idea to have a test session or two on Thursday in the same week of the first race.

“It seems that we are going to have much less time to test this year because we may have to cancel the rest of the tests, but I’m sure we will find a way to make everything work.”