Oulton BSB: ‘I want to halve Brookes’ championship lead’ - Bridewell - Bikesport News

Oulton BSB: ‘I want to halve Brookes’ championship lead’ - Bridewell

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Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Oxford Ducati’s Tommy Bridewell has stated his plan at the Oulton Bennetts British Superbike weekend is to win all three races and at least halve Josh Brookes’ championship lead before the Showdown is finalised

The Devizes rider is currently 28 points behind his good friend and 22 adrift in terms of podium credits but is determined to finish ahead of Brookes and team-mate Scott Redding in each leg of the triple-header.

“My goal coming out of Oulton Park is predominantly to close the championship lead down to Josh and it would be nice to at least half that,” said Bridewell.

“We want three races wins and if I do that then I more than halve it but we have to wait and see. It is a free weekend as I have to get the podiums for the Showdown.

It makes no odds if we are all off the podium – I need to be in the top three without any questions and I need to be finishing ahead of Josh and Scott.”

“Going into Oulton Park I am going to be more forceful and I will force the issue. It is like a free weekend for me, as I am now I am 22 points off the championship lead so I need to make back 22 points. Which is nothing.

I am sitting eight rounds in and only 22 points off the championship lead if you look at the Podium Points rather than the 28 points in the overall standings. I know the Podium Points work as they do but it works in my favour at this present time.”

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