Petrucci finds corner-exit gains with new Ducati gearbox

Picture: Gold&Goose

Pramac Ducati’s Danilo Petrucci got a raft of new parts to try at the Catalan MotoGP test including a gearbox and exhaust, and a swingarm which he promptly bent in a crash after seven laps.

As the factory’s race weekend test mule, Petrucci has to put a lot of development parts through their paces and was handed lots of goodies on Monday but doesn’t yet know if he will be able to use them in this season.

“Ducati are working so hard, and I don’t know at the moment if I will receive them. I would like to, sincerely, because the gearbox and the exhaust especially make the exit of the corner very, very smooth,” said Petrucci, speaking at the track.

“It’s something which me and Lorenzo have been asking for, for more than one year, because in the middle of the corner we need the engine more smooth.

“The torque, when you release the brake and take the throttle, it’s more smooth Because when you brake, the torque is negative, then you take the throttle and the torque starts to be positive, and in that point it’s more smooth, which means that the bike moves less in the middle of the corner, and slides less.”

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