Phillip Island MotoGP test: Lorenzo worried by lack of corner speed

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Picture: Russell Colvin

Former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo has expressed serious concern over the lack of corner speed he is able to generate on the Desmosedici GP17 and the fact that Alvaro Bautista is faster in corners on a satellite GP16.

Lorenzo has been comparing data and can see his former 250GP rival has the edge in turns - a place where the Mallorcan has been king for so many years.

“Something is still not right and we still didn’t discover. We need to discover something that allows me to enter the corners faster to open more throttle and generally go faster in the corner speed,” said Lorenzo, speaking at Phillip Island.

“We don’t have the bike, Ducati, with the best corner speed but at this moment Bautista in most of the corners is much faster than me and we have to understand what is going on.

“Bautista has adapted very well and he’s much faster than me on some corners and there’s something not working, so we’ll try to investigate everything and find a solution.”