Portimao WorldSBK test: Camier ‘feeling better’ after 23 laps

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Crocked Barni Ducati rider Leon Camier wasn’t due to ride at the Portimao WorldSBK test but after some physio on his injured shoulder, he managed 23 laps on his Panigale V4R.

Sandro Cortese, who has been doing the test donkey work in Camier’s absence, had a crash today and the former BSB king opted to take the opportunity to get in his first laps since the Aragon crash last year which mangled his shoulder.

“It all felt pretty quick out there to be honest. The plan wasn’t to ride but I did some physio work with John Laverty and he loosened my shoulder up really well and I felt I could try a couple of laps,” Camier told bikesportnews.com.

There was a lot of risk involved if I went down on it again so not crashing was the number one goal. I did 23 laps, I wasn’t physically strong for sure and in a bit of pain t the end of it.

“It was about understanding something with the bike, riding position, electronics. I feel there are quite few things need working on to get this bike how I want it.

“I feel better about Australia for sure. It was good to get on the bike, I will need to get up to speed then I have to do some adapting to the bike and get it in the ball park for me.”

Picture: GeeBee Images