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Racing again under threat from European legislation

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Motorsport’s governing bodies are desperately campaigning in a last ditch effort to change a European Union directive which, they say, could threaten the future of motorsport as we know it.

It is all about insurance and a directive which would impose compulsory unlimited third party liability insurance on anyone using any form of motorised transport, including motorsport, in any location.

It would have the effect, because of cost or insurance availability, of putting Motorsport promoters out of business or make their activities illegal.

The case, known as the VNUK ruling, had its beginnings in 2007 when a Slovenian farmer Damijan Vnuk fell from his ladder when it was hit by a tractor and trailer. He became a claimant before the European Court of Justice which resulted in a new Motor Insurance Directive. And no insurance currently covering motor sport is able to meet the levels of liability required by the directive.

All governing bodies ranging from the FIM, FIA, ACU, MSA and MIA are engaged in trying to persuade members of the European Parliament to change the directive which could threaten not only the enjoyment of millions but thousands of jobs. They meet next month and in the meantime motorsport enthusiasts are being urged to contact their local MEPs.

ACU boss Gary Thompson, currently recovering from being hit by a car on the M1, said they had been actively involved with other bodies and government representatives for some time. He was hopeful that a resolution would be found.

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