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Redding apologises for Aprilia MotoGP ‘shit shine’ comments

Scott Redding has apologised for his angry comments about Aprilia after another bad MotoGP weekend in Austria.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram to say sorry for what he had written after the Red Bull Ring race where he basically said you can’t make shit shine.

“I owe a huge apology to the Aprilia racing team and company. What I said Sunday afternoon post race was not acceptable by a long way. I was thinking with a lot of emotion from my heart. But I spoke out with rage which a young person of 25 can do very easily,” Redding wrote.

“The team and company of Aprilia Racing are doing the best they can to improve our Motogp machine, we have some good items to test this week and I still believe this bike can be competitive. As a team you work, live, learn all together so from the bottom of my heart I deeply say a big sorry for my outrageous words. I will learn from this.”

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