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Satellite MotoGP team ‘not key’ for Aprilia - Albesiano

Picture: Gold&Goose

Aprilia MotoGP boss Romano Albesiano isn’t falling over himself to find a satellite team for the 2019 season as he believes it is more important to develop the RS-GP with the riders he has.

Albesiano did admit he was talking to current teams who may want to switch to Aprilia - and the recently re-named Angel Nieto squad is believed to be one - but wouldn’t reveal who they were.

“We are talking with some teams but I cannot tell you which one. We don’t believe this is a key point for us. If we can reach an agreement in a good conditions for us then it would be welcome, for sure, but we are not desperately looking for this thing because the main target for us is to develop the project,” said Albesiano.

“A satellite, two more riders can help but it’s not key, we believe.”

Aprilia’s MotoGP effort is run by Gresini Racing, so isn’t a works effort in the way Honda and Yamaha are, for example.

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