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Sepang MotoGP test: 2020 Yamaha ‘better and worse’ for Rossi

Monster Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi is mostly pleased with the 2020 YZR-M1 but warned that some areas are worse than the 2019 bike.

Rossi, who will be 41 later this month, is happy to be only 4kph down on top speed instead of 10 but says there is work to be done on some parts.

“Materially, the bike is new. These are the bikes we will use during the season. W have something different in the engine and chassis compared to the last test,” said The Doctor.

“But the feeling is very different compared to Jerez and Valencia, sincerely, I think because the track here is a lot faster, a lot wider.

“The 2020 version is already better under some points of view, but in other areas we are worse than last year so we need to work.

“But I think that’s quite normal because the bike is brand new, so we need more kilometres and more experience to understand and use the potential of the bike.”

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