Sepang MotoGP test: Marquez injury limiting laps on day one

Picture: Repsol Media

Reigning MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez limited his laps to 29 on the opening day of Sepang testing but still managed to top the timesheet despite lacking power in his recently-operated shoulder.

Marquez underwent surgery in early December on the troublesome joint and admitted today he can only do a couple of laps in succession – lapping in chunks of four and five – but hopes to be in better shape tomorrow morning.

“Today I am happy because I ride again on the bike but on the other hand, I expect to be better than what I am. I am riding but still there is a lot of work to do because still I don’t have power. For one lap or two, it’s OK but to be there all day is quite difficult,” said Marquez, speaking at the track.

“For that reason, we stop early today. Tomorrow we will see if I get up better or worse but the feeling is happy to be back on the bike.”

Marquez has a big list of new parts to try over the Malaysian test but already knows he won’t get through it because of his injury.

“We are trying many new things on the bike but also is some kind of training for my physical condition because I am fit but I am riding in a different way today but let’s see tomorrow if I can do some more laps.

“Honda have worked hard and today we try a few things. But the list is very big, in this test I will not have enough time to try everything as I will not do enough laps. We will try the most important things to be ready in Qatar.”

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