Sepang MotoGP test: Zarco finds confidence with KTM front-end

Red Bull KTM’s Johann Zarco has finally found confidence with the front end of his works Red Bull KTM and but is struggling to make the RC16 turn.

KTM have brought around 40 tons of equipment to the Sepang MotoGP test for the four riders in evidence and Zarco ended today only a second off Vinales’ monstrous lap-record equalling final lap.

“I’m trusting the bike more and more. The weak point for me was the front, and now I can try things, I can feel better the front, and I’m not crashing. Now we get a better feeling on the front and better control, we struggle with the turning, it’s to make turn the bike that’s difficult for me,” said Zarco.

“The middle and the exit [of the corner was where] I was losing the most compared to the different bikes I could follow.”

The factory is making lots of small changes, instead of throwing parts and spanners at the bike, to effect a more methodical development direction.

“We are improving, we are not doing big changes at the moment because it’s a lot of work to do and the changes we want to do are quite huge. The company needs time also, the winter was not enough. At the moment we just confirm where we want to go.

“I think I’m now controlling the bike better and even if we are not having big changes we can do small improvements. I would say we have to wait maybe a bit more than Qatar race.”

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