Snetterton BSB: Warm-up tumble ruffles Redding

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Picture: Impact Images

Double Snetterton winner Scott Redding has admitted a crash in morning warm-up gave him a bit of a reality check ahead of today’s two Bennetts British Superbike races.

The Be Wiser Ducati rider crashed in the 10-minute session this morning, forcing his team into a quick repair job ahead of the races.

While he went on to take both wins this afternoon, the former Grand Prix star believes a touch too much confidence early doors made him realise he needed to ultimately aim for points and reel in his self-assurance.

“The crash didn’t knock my confidence, but it made me realise the step ahead of the other that I was,” Redding revealed. “I was maybe just getting a bit too confident so I just had to reign it in a bit.

“But points are what makes you win and that’s what we came here to do. I just raced smart today, learning things, learning those tyres.

“I learnt so much behind the other guys and I tried to execute that at the end and that’s it.”

Redding’s weekend was nearly made a lot more difficult by a jump start penalty as he inched forward before halting ahead of the lights going out during today’s second race start.

But luckily for him, different rules between BSB and MotoGP – where any movement whatsoever is deemed penalty – paid dividends and race control deemed his actions completely by the book.

“I was panicking there at the start but I knew if I stopped I wouldn’t get penalised for a jump start.

“The problem is we’ve got no electronics or launch control so we need to find everything on hand, so sometimes the clutch bites. I stood on the rear brake and the bike did pick up but then I stopped and the lights went out and then I went so it was a bit close. But I don’t want to do it again.

“I just need to work on small things now to be even more perfect.”