Suzuki replaces GSR750 with 2017 GSX-S750

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It's not bad, not bad at all
It's not bad, not bad at all Picture: Suzuki

More optimising and streamlining from Suzuki, as it tweaks its GSR750 roadster up into a GSX-S750 sporty naked. The GSR was a bit of a budget blaster – perfectly decent to ride, but a bit down on spec and quality compared with the competition. And when Suzuki launched the GSX-S1000 last year, the GSR looked a bit out on a limb.

So Suzuki’s done the smart thing, and given the GSR enough of an update to turn it into a GSX-S. Clever… Now, the heart of the GSR was an old GSX-R750 engine, and that stays the same on the GSX-S, albeit with a chunk more power (up to 115bhp from 105bhp on the GSR). It keeps a steel tube frame, based on the GSR unit, but the rest of the chassis gets an upgrade – better brakes, wheels, forks, tyres, and a newly-developed swingarm replaces the budget square-section design on the GSR.

The styling is based heavily on the GSX-S1000, and the 750 also gets Suzuki’s updated electronics suite – three-stage traction control, digital ABS, easy-start one-push starter system, and a new LCD dash festooned with useful readouts…