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Todd looking to build on ‘safe first year’ at TT 2019

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Coming into the 2018 road racing season, many people expected Davey Todd to do well but few would have expected him to do as well as what he did and he ended the year as the hottest property in road racing.

Nowhere did he stand out more than at the TT when he became the second fastest newcomer ever with a lap of 128.379mph on his way to ninth in the Senior. But he isn’t getting carried away and is determined to keep his feet on the ground in 2019.

“All I could hope for last year was to be the fastest newcomer and have a safe week, I couldn’t do any more. I was really pleased with my results and the main challenge now is to keep moving forward,” Todd told at the launch.

“I rode conservatively last year so I know I have a lot in hand in terms of results but I just want to progress and that’s my only real goal.”

“Learning the circuit was really difficult and I’m glad I started putting the work in early as it really paid off. John Burrows helped me a lot and it’s still in my mind now what he said – treat it as a Sunday ride. That really stuck with me then and still does now.”

“If someone had have told me beforehand what I’d have done at last year’s TT, I wouldn’t have believed them. Never in a million years did I think I’d get the results that I did. They could have been better as I rode at 90 per cent all fortnight but having a safe first year was all I wanted.”

“Ginger Hall to Ramsey was the most difficult section to learn and how to ride. I’d been told it was rough but with my motocross background, I wasn’t fazed but it was a real shock when it came to actually riding through there. I loved the Mountain section though and I looked forward to getting up and over there each and every lap.”

Todd is no longer an unknown quantity and all eyes will be on him this year and whilst his confidence is that to be expected of a 23-year old, he knows he needs to keep his feet on the ground this year as expectations, from the outside at least, will be high. It’s not something he’s too concerned about though as is simple aim is to build on what he achieved last year and improve.

“From the outside looking in, there probably are a lot of expectations and eyes are going to be on me to see much faster and better I can be in my second year. I know there’s time to be gained everywhere and the shock factor has gone so I know what to expect from the course.

“But I don’t feel any pressure other than what I put on myself. I know what I’m capable of and know where I should be but I don’t expect too much from myself. I did well last year and probably exceeded my expectations but that’s in the past so I just want to improve and keep moving forward.”

“Being a seeded rider in all of the classes will be a huge advantage rather than starting towards the back of the field like I did in practice last year. I’ll be able to get away with the faster guys so with all their experience, I’ll be able to learn so much more.”

This year sees him switch from the Burrows Engineering concern to the German BMW team for whom he took ninth place on his debut at last year’s Macau Grand Prix whilst he’ll also ride for Padgetts in the Supersport races and Norton in the Lightweight class and he’s confident he has the tools needed to move up the leaderboard.

“I clicked with the BMW the minute I got on it and it was the same with the Penz team. They’re a really knowledgeable group and there’s a nice, relaxed atmosphere in the team so I fitted in straightaway.

“I knew the BMW was a strong bike before I rode it and when the time came, I was excited about the opportunity and it more than lived up to my hopes. I only rode a Stocker last year but this time around I’ve got a Superbike as well so it should be a huge benefit for me.”

“It’s the same in the other classes and riding for Padgetts is an incredible opportunity and one that can only be of benefit to me. Clive and his team know so much about the TT and what’s required to succeed whilst SMR will also be running me at some of the British Superstock rounds so I’ll be doing plenty of riding this year.”

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