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TT 2019: Boss Thompson facing hard race-week decisions

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With poor weather continuing on the Isle of Man, and with no apparent let up, the possibility of reduced race distances is edging closer as Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson continues to re-write the schedules for both qualifying and racing.

Saturday afternoon’s qualifying session has already been cancelled due to rain and mist with the chances of action on the Mountain Course this evening, slim at the very best. Thompson has been faced with a nightmare scenario all week.

“It’s not ideal but, assuming we get enough practice in on Saturday and/or Sunday, we can race Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday if need be in order to catch back up,” Thompson told

“It’s hard for the riders racing each day though as they need a day off in between but we’ve done it like that before.

I’d say the chances for this evening are anorexic, rather than slim, but Sunday and Monday look good. Tuesday looks questionable but from Wednesday onwards we should be good so a lot now depends on how Sunday goes.

“If we get a full session on Sunday, we can go racing on Monday and every day after that but I’ll speak to the teams and riders before making that decision.

“If we lose more time over the weekend, we’d have to look at having some more practice on Monday and if that was to happen, we’d have to look at reducing the number of laps in some of the races to try and get the programme in.”

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