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TT 2019: Dunlop introduce new compound rear slick

Dunlop will introduce a new compound rear slick for TT 2019 which promises to give more grip and confidence with a faster warming cycle.

The KR108 was tested over the winter at a range of circuits - including a final validation at the traditional pre-IOMTT test at Castle Combe - and has been designed to heat up faster and give the rider more grip and confidence at the start of the race.

It features multi-tread technology, jointless belt technology and the NTEC - Pressure Adjustment System. These have been designed to improve handling, cornering ability and reduce tyre wear.

“The new slick tyre will give the riders more grip and confidence. We will have compounds suitable for both cool and warmer conditions that will heat up straight from the start line,” said Dunlop’s Pat Walsh, a man of few words, it seems.

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