Valencia MotoGP test: I don’t care if it’s hard to ride – Marquez

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Picture: Vaclav Duska Jr

Marc Marquez cares not a jot if the 2020 MotoGP RC213V is difficult to ride, he just wants the fastest bike on the grid for next season.

The reigning MotoGP World Champion, who will have brother Alex as a team-mate, spent most of yesterday at Valencia working with the 2020 prototype but says that even though he set his fastest lap using it, there is a lot of work to do.

“We tried the first steps of 2020 bike. The first steps on the engine, some evolutions on the chassis, to try to understand. Negatives and positives like always,” said Marquez, speaking at the track.

“But overall, we did a good test and now in five days we will be in Jerez, and there I think it will be even better to understand the level of the new bike.”

Marquez and Marquez will be joined by Cal Crutchlow on the new bike next year but Marquez The Elder is only focusing on what is best for him.

“If you have an easier bike, it will help all the Honda riders, but my target is to have the fastest bike. It doesn’t matter if it’s difficult or not, what I want is to try to win. It doesn’t matter if I need to push more or less on the riding.”

Externally, the only visible differences to the 2019 bike are a new aero package and Marquez says the bike is quite close to the older one.

“The character is more or less similar. I just concentrated a lot with the prototype, because I believe it has potential, but everything is still very new. Still we need to modify a few things. I did the best lap time with the prototype. And I just kept working with that bike.

“We also tried some new aerodynamic package together with the prototype bike, with the new engine, with a different chassis, and it was not bad.

Some interesting points, still I think we need to modify it a little bit, because in some corners it was not the best feeling, but apart from that, we worked in a good way, we tried everything step by step, and the conclusions are clear. Now in Jerez we have the same items, but it will be important to reconfirm.

Now that Honda have given Marquez a Ducati-equalling top speed, he is after a bike that will get closer to the Yamaha in terms of mid-corner and corner-exit speed.

“We are trying some big things, engine, chassis area, and it’s there that we need to understand better to improve the corner speed and corner exit where Yamaha is very strong.”