Valencia MotoGP test: KTM move closer to conventional chassis

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Picture: Vaclav Duska Jr

KTM’s MotoGP team have debuted a chassis at the Valencia MotoGP which although still tubular is moving closer to a conventional beam frame.

Both Pol Espargaro and test rider Dani Pedrosa have used the frame, with Espargaro stating he prefers it and was faster using it yesterday.

“We are trying to find this turning that we are missing in comparison to other manufacturers. We get more turning and a little bit more comfort in the corner,” said Espargaro, speaking at the track.

“We were also trying a few other things to help with that. Our main focus now is to get a little bit more traction when the conditions are worse. I think we are in the good way.

“We used it all day and I did the fastest lap-time with it. I think it is the line we need to work with. The chassis feels very good but I think the room to play with it is much better.

“It is much, much lighter and we are gaining a lot. There are only benefits. We will go to the new one tomorrow which I think will bring something.

It feels not normal for me. Normal is tubular and I like it, but yeah it’s a hybrid. I think it is 80% tubular still. We have done the form on the side so that it looks a bit different but not as much as it looks.

“We still have the KTM DNA with the tubular chassis which I think puts us in a good way but we are still trying to understand things. We tried different things on the engine which was important for us to find a bit more torque and power on the straight. It was a pretty successful day.

“At the moment we are trying the chassis Dani made steps through the year, but we have another one for tomorrow which is like the new one Dani was asking for and in theory it should be a little bit better.

‘We are improving in that mid-corner where we are trying to find the grip and the turning which we were struggling a lot, especially with the used tyre. I think we are improving.”