WorldSBK preview: ‘I have all the tools to do the job’ - Lowes

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Alex Lowes begins his second season with the all-conquering Kawasaki WorldSBK team on Friday at Aragon and says that he has all the tools now to do the job - that job being winning the title.

Lowes has to contend with six-time champion Jonathan Rea in the same garage but the Leicestershire-based rider believes he has never been better prepared for a season.

“I feel like I’ve got the tools to do the job. I’ve had a good winter’s testing this year which is allowed me to really get to know the bike properly, find a good base,” Lowes told from a golf club car park.

“So I’m not changing between setups like last year and not feeling too comfortable when going into races where you’re not quite sure. I’m very sure of the bike, I know what I’ve got. And I’m in control of it going into the season so I feel like, although I did it the first round last year, this year I’m a lot more prepared.”

Lowes insists there is no pressure on him - only what he puts on himself - and that the bike is now more suited to his style after major work on corner-exit strategies, among other things

“Last year when I joined the team from Yamaha, we didn’t change the bike, it was just me adjusting to the Kawasaki. Obviously coming into a team that’s won every year, the most logical thing to do is to try to ride in the way that they found successful.

“It didn’t work for me. Simple as that. I’ve ridden for long enough now to know what works for me and doesn’t work for me. Kawasaki support me with whatever I want to try and this winter we focused on getting the same for me, what I like. It’s been a lot better.”

It is never going to be easy sitting on the same bike as a man who is gunning for a seventh straight world title but Lowes can see where he is stronger and weaker than the Irishman - but isn’t giving up that information.

“One of the best things I’ve done this winter is acknowledging that Jonathan does a bloody good job and is a great rider. There are also things that i do better, which us great. At the start of the winter testing I began understanding where he rides better than me in terms of his riding style, see if I can improve in those areas and getting the bike working better where I am strong.

“That’s been the whole process of the winter, I feel I’m in a lot better position. I’ve been a lot closer to him in all the tests and sometimes I’ve been quicker and pushing him, and I expect that I can do that in the races.”