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Yamaha acceleration no longer ‘embarrassing’ – Rossi

Yamaha’s comparative lack of acceleration is still a problem for Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales but at MotoGP Aragon it was downgraded from ‘embarrassing’ to something that is closer to workable.

Vinales faded away from a podium challenge late in the race while Rossi only had the pace for eighth at a track that has never been kind to the M1 but The Doctor said things have been looking up.

“In the last races, especially for the second half of the season, but already in the first half, we improve a lot the electronics in acceleration,” said Rossi.

“Last year, here the difference compared to the top bikes was embarrassing, exiting the corners. Now looks like nothing special, but just working in a better way, we exit from the corners in a better way, and we are closer to the other manufacturers.

“This is the main reason, and after we work like you know with the exhaust, also with mechanical grip, with the swingarm. I think also for this reason we improve.”

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