‘Yamaha years the best of my career’ says Lorenzo

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Retiring MotoGP star Jorge Lorenzo says his nine years with Yamaha were the best of his MotoGP career but also pointed out his 2018 Mugello win in front of the Ducatisti.

The Mallorcan today announced he would call a halt to his racing career on Sunday after the Valencia grand prix, citing injuries as his main reason for quitting.

Lorenzo took three MotoGP crowns in 2010, 2012 and 2015 and two of those were against Valentino Rossi on the same bike in the same team.

“Everything started when I was three years old, almost 20 years of complete dedication to my sport. People who work with me know how much of a perfectionist I am, how much energy and intensity I always have put into my sport,” said Lorenzo.

To be so perfectionist requires a lot of motivation. That’s why my nine years in Yamaha were so wonderful, probably the best years that I enjoyed in my career.

“I felt that I needed a change, if I wanted to keep this full commitment to my sport. That’s why I decided to move to Ducati. This gave me a big boost in my motivation, and even though the results were very bad, I used this extra motivation to not give up and always keep fighting, till I achieved this beautiful and amazing Mugello victory in front of all the Ducati fans.

“Then later, when I signed with Honda, it gave me another big boost because I achieved all the riders’ dream, to be an HRC rider for Repsol Honda. Unfortunately injuries came very soon to play an important role in my results, in my performance.

“I wasn’t able to be in physical normal conditions, to be fast and to be competitive. And this, plus a bike that never felt natural to me, gave me a lot of problems to be competitive like I wanted to be.”