‘You have to be obsessed with perfection’ - Lorenzo

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Picture: Gold&Goose

Former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo believes an obsession with perfection and paying attention to all the details is now the only way to win in the premier championship.

The Ducati rider, who has had an up and down pre-season chopping between 2017 and 2018 Desmosedicis, has changed his training regime in order to deal with the powerful and aggressive Ducati motor.

“MotoGP has become such a competitive and professionalized championship that it is not enough to be motivated. You have to be obsessed with perfection, to take care of the smallest detail. And I wanted to take a step further on issues such as physical preparation and diet. Little by little, that obsession will pay off,” said Lorenzo.

“I think that with a little more strength I will gain resistance in the races and it will be easier to master and move the bike, which requires more physical power than the Yamaha, with a very docile engine. This engine is aggressive, very powerful and has a certain inertia entering the curve that other more conventional motorcycles do not have. But it also has very positive points, which you have to know how to take advantage of, such as power or stability when braking. With it you can win many races, as did Dovizioso last year.”