AGV Corsa Rossi Mugello Helmet

Now you can look like the Doctor but we can't promise that you will go as fast
Now you can look like the Doctor but we can't promise that you will go as fast Picture: Bonnie Lane From: AGV Price: £699 Sizes: XS - S - MS - ML - L - XL - XXL

This AGV Corsa Valentino Rossi Mugello replica helmet is a must for any fans of the GOAT, and will even look great on those who appreciate a colourful lid. This limited edition helmet has been faithfully reproduced to include the graphics on Rossi’s race helmet.

The Corsa model combines the performance of the Pista GP with the characteristics needed for use on the road. The Corsa has a CAAFF Carbon fibre/Aramid fibre/Glass fibre shell which was designed using FEM techniques and features EPS internal ducts to create a small, light helmet which is both comfortable and extremely safe. The result is a helmet that is significantly superior to the limits set by ECE standards and that weights just 1350g* (+/- 50g) in MS size (the weight refers to the EVE 2205 version).

The back of the helmet has different energy levels, starting from bright red for free practice and moving up to the maximum level of yellow, Rossi’s favourite colour, on the starting grid. On the right, the helmet features the number 46, the ‘recycling’ icon and the words ‘Energia Rinnovabile’ ( Renewable Energy). The Chin guard features a design that resembles a blue solar panel pattern. The lower part of the new helmet features a design that resembles a solar panel pattern.

The Sun, one of his favourite symbols, gave him a big enough boost to put him on the podium at Mugello. The left shows ‘Yellow Energy’ and pawprints of Rossano, Rossi’s cat, and his dogs Cesare and Camilla. The Chrome-finished parts of the Pista GP helmet symbolically mirror his fans and the packed hillsides around the Mugello track. It will be available from February 2016.

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