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Bridgestone Battlax R10

From: Bridgestone Price: 260 Sizes: Most sportsbikes

The R10 is the most focused race tyre Bridgestone has produced in many years. The R10 is brimmed with technical features and advancements found at the highest level, MotoGP. The R10 raises the bar in terms of race tyre durability and side grip and has a supremely quick warm up time.

It has been reported back that two laps of the average length circuit is more than enough to bring the R10s up to temperature. When waiting in the holding area at a club race, tyres can lose their temperature pretty quickly. However, the R10 is likely to be back up to temperature more quickly than any other race tyre, a critical area of performance for the club racer.

The R10 has hit the ground running increasing our sales & market share in the race market. Chosen by IN Competition as the one make tyre for the Aprilia RRV450s which is the next step up from the Superteens and sure to produce the next top British star. Currently leading the Thundersport Superstock Championship with Ian Mackman. Available from Holbeach Motorcycle Tyres on 07733 324640.

Available in:

120/70-17 medium compound

180/55-17 medium and hard compounds

190/55-17 medium and hard compounds

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