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Givi Carbon fibre helmets released

Givi X-Carbon in yellow
Givi X-Carbon in yellow Picture: Givi From: Givi Price: £385.90 (X-Carbon) £249.90 (X-Fiber) Sizes: XS-XXL

They might be primarily known as a luggage outfit, but Givi’s been making lids for a while now. When you think about it, the skills are similar - making large, strong, composite/plastic cases to contain pants and socks isn’t a million miles away from making large, strong composite/plastic cases to contain heads. Make it more round, add a hefty impact-absorbant liner, cut a big hole to see out of, and you’re sorted…

The firm’s previous offerings have been nearer the budget end of the market though, but this new design is a far more premium affair. The new X-Carbon uses, of course, light, strong carbon fibre composites in its construction. The result is a lightweight unit - the helmet weighs just 1210-1250g. You get a built-in sun visor mechanism, a double-D ring fastener, and extensive venting, as well as a chinguard, QD visor mechanism and a Pinlock-compatible visor design.

The new lid is priced well too - £385.90 for the carbon version, or £249.90 for the non-carbon X-Fiber version. The Carbon comes in red/black or yellow/black colours, and the Fiber comes in a wider range of shades - red/white, titanium/yellow, neon yellow, and black.

Cheaper Givi X-Fiber uses a non-carbon composite shell
Cheaper Givi X-Fiber uses a non-carbon composite shell
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