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Givi V46 Monokey top box tested

Boxing clever with Givi's V46
Boxing clever with Givi's V46 Picture: Alan Dowds From: Givi Price: £150

Okay – a top box is hardly the sexiest thing to talk about on two wheels. But it’s Blue Monday – the dullest, crappiest day of the year, and there’s an arctic storm blasting away outside, so there’s room to talk about some practical stuff we reckon…

So here we have it – the Givi V46 top case (not named after Valentino it seems). It’s seen some action over the past five or six years here at Dowds Towers – every time I have a test bike for longer than a few weeks, I get hold of a fitting kit and bolt it on. It’s currently on my winter hack Burgman 650, which had a Givi fitting kit already in place actually, so all I had to do was attach the Monokey plate, and clip the box on. It’s big enough for two full face lids, and also provides a bit of a safety backrest for when I have the kids on the back of the scoot – perfect.

It’s a little superfluous on the Burgman, which already has an enormous underseat stowage space. But on bikes without any other space, it’s a proper boon for day-to-day stuff. Granted, it’s not the most stylish bolt-on, but who cares, when you can stuff it with beer and snacks for a weekly shop, throw your lid and jacket into it when you go to a BSB meet, or keep your work laptop properly dry and safe on a daily commmute?

Besides, there’s nothing sweeter than duffing up a tricked-up sportsbike or some knobbly-tyred hipster custom through some twisties with your massive untrendy topbox wobbling away on the back at them.

So – Givi’s V46 top case: a load of waterproof storage space on the back of your bike, that unclips in seconds when you’re not using it, and makes wheelies easier when it’s loaded up with 24 cans of Special Brew and two litres of Grey Goose. How can ye go wrong?

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