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Knox Orsa Glove

This glove has been updated
This glove has been updated From: Knox Price: £79.99 Sizes: S to XXL

This is the new look, updated Orsa leather glove from Knox and is one of only a handful of gloves to be fully certified to the tough CE standard for motorcycle gloves.

The Orsa also features the patented Knox Scaphoid Protection System, which helps prevent hyperextension of the wrist during a slide, protecting the vulnerable Scaphoid bone, which is commonly fractured in accidents.

A class leading, three-part knuckle guard, made up of memory foam, impact-absorbing honeycomb gel and a hard plastic shell, protects the top of the hand too. But a special feature has been added to the gloves, which is that the Orsa has Smartphone compatible material on the fingertips, so you don’t need to remove your gloves to operate a sat nav or phone. Knox Orsa Leather
gloves are available in black and white.

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