Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tyre

The tyres offer great stability at high speed
The tyres offer great stability at high speed From: Metzeler Price: Available soon

This is the brand spanking new tyre from Metzeler and it is the Roadtec 01. It has been developed to offer a class leading level of grip in all weather conditions and is ideal for the Sports Touring, Naked/Sports bikes and Adventure bikes. The tyres will be available from January in all major sizes.

The tyres come with a range of useful features including:

- Gives high-mileage and consistent ‘wear’.

- Offers great stability at high speed and with the bike fully loaded.

- Is the successor to the well-known Roadtec™ Z8 Interact™ although it has been developed from a completely new set of criteria, hence its all-new 01 designation and features a totally redesigned tread pattern.

- Specifically the front tyre has grooves that are more transversal with respect to the rolling direction of the tyre, this has made it possible to increase the ‘mechanical grip’ on slippery surfaces and in different riding situations.

- The contact area with the tarmac is now wider and shorter and, working together with the 0-degree steel-belt technology of all Metzeler-branded products, guarantees higher mileage and long lasting performance i.e no sudden drop in grip as the tyre wears.

- A Heavy Weight Motorcycles (HWM) version is available, offering greater stability for heavyweight Tourers used with luggage.

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