MotoGP Standard Tyre Warmers

Brilliant addition to your bike and garage
Brilliant addition to your bike and garage From: MotoGP Price: £142.35

Love MotoGP? Want an easy way of telling your friends and family how much you love MotoGP? Well if the answer is yes, then look no further that these super duper MotoGP tyre warmers.

They are designed to pre-heat tyres to optimum temperature before taking the bike onto a track or race circuit, and are available in Euro-plug 2 pin or UK 3 pin. Also pre-heating the rubber eliminates downtime of tyres - building up heat naturally to attain the full performance of the tyre, and using the tyre warmers gives you the advantage of tyres being ready as soon as you roll out onto the track.

They are thermostat controlled and heat tyres to approximately 80 degrees celsius. There is even a dual LED indicator, showing when the warmers are heating and when optimum temperature is reached - an ideal item to have in your garage or shed.

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