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O-30 Tankbag Kit

The kit comes with a 3-year warranty
The kit comes with a 3-year warranty From: OptiMate Price: £16.99

OptiMate’s new O-30 Tankbag Kit is a neat solution for powering gadgets inside luggage. Designed for tankbags that have the round ‘cross-hair’ electrical power entry point (e.g. Wunderlich Elephant, Touratech, Oxford, Hepco & Becker, Nelson Rigg, etc), the O-30’s DC 2.5mm plug passes through the powerpoint.

Custom-moulded rubber washers, a stainless steel half nut and locking washer help seal out the elements and the external cable can then be connected to the bike’s 12V socket using the heavy duty 2 pin SAE compatible connector. Then it’s possible to power any device stored inside the tank bag.

Once fitted, the O-30 stays in place, so there’s no messing with wires and adaptors at the start and end of each journey. It’s also quick and easy to detach and re-attached the power supply lead, should the rider wish to remove the bag at stop-offs.

Devices can be connected/charged straight from the O-30’s DC 2.5mm plug, or using one of OptiMate’s adaptors - the O-103 USB weatherproof 2100mA charger or the O-100 compact USB charger, for example.

Adaptors can be changed quickly and easily, so different devices can be connected and charged using the same O-30. Riders can also use the O-30 to create a weatherproof power point in hard luggage, by drilling a suitable entry point.

All the O-30’s connectors feature rubber seals to help keep water out, and the cable is rated down to -40°C, so it will remain flexible in the most extreme cold that riders are likely to encounter. The kit comes with a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

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