PDM60 Power Distribution Module

It's completely waterproof and sealed against rain
It's completely waterproof and sealed against rain From: Nippy Normans Price: £129

The PDM60 Power Distribution Module makes adding/removing accessories to/from bikes and scooters quick and fuss-free (and fuse-free too). Whether power is needed for auxiliary lighting, communications and navigation equipment or electrically heated clothing, the PDM60 makes connections safe and simple.

Connect the compact PDM60 unit directly to the vehicle’s 12V battery, then use the six power circuits to handle gadgets and accessories – without overloading accessory plugs, messy and complicated wiring set ups or the need for fuses and relays.

The PDM60 comes complete with built-in fault detection and diagnostic LEDs too, so if a circuit does short, the indicators will tell you instantly. It’s also easily reset after the fault has been corrected: just switch off and on – no more locating, pulling and replacing blown fuses.

Completely waterproof and sealed against rain, dust and humidity to IP67 standards, and measuring just 10 ×7 × 2 cm, it’s ideal for adventure riders, tourers and commuters, and is compatible with most 12V motorcycles and scooters, including those with CAN-bus electrical systems, like the newer BMWs.

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