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Quick-Release Dry Coupling

A very handy bit of kit
A very handy bit of kit From: Venhill Price: £71.92

British braking specialists Venhill have developed a quick-release dry coupling for their Powerhose Plus braided brake lines. This handy bit of kit allows riders to separate and reconnect a brake line without brake fluid leaking out or air getting in to the system. QR couplings are particularly useful for endurance racing, when callipers and/or master cylinders need to be replaced quickly and easily, without the need to bleed the system.

The male 1/8th BSP thread on the coupling fits directly onto the swivel nuts on Venhill’s Powerhose Plus hydraulic brake and clutch lines. It holds the hydraulic hose together securely with bayonet locking, yet can be separated in seconds by hand, without any tools. Venhill Powerhose Plus lines are available in a wide choice of modular lengths, so replacing original lines with a QR set-up is straightforward too.

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