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Rotobox RBX2 carbon fibre wheels

Lighter wheels means lighter wallet
Lighter wheels means lighter wallet Picture: Alan Dowds From: Rotobox Price: From around £2,500 Sizes: Suitable for most modern bikes, and some oldies too!

One of the fanciest techs out there is carbon fibre wheels – but since they’ve been banned by most race series worldwide, they’ve been a little bit of a niche area. Which is a shame: wheels are one of the areas where lightness and strength can make the biggest difference to a bike’s handling.

Rims are unsprung – they’re on the road side of the suspension (ignoring the suspension effects of the tyres) – and rotating. So losing mass here helps the suspension work better, by giving the dampers less work to do, and also improves acceleration and deceleration, by cutting the amount of mass the bike has to spin round to move forwards (or stop spinning, to brake). Finally, the inertia of the spinning wheels, and their gyroscopic effects, affects steering: so a lighter wheel can give quicker steering.

These Rotobox wheels are made in Slovenia (also home to Akrapovic exhausts, so no stranger to the high-performance add-on world), and they claim to be the lightest available, thanks to their hollow-spoked cast construction. For a BMW S1000RR, stock wheels weigh 11.7kg, forged magnesium weigh 7.4kg, and Rotobox wheels weigh just 6.8kg - a hefty saving. Your wallet will also be lighter: expect to pay from £2,500 for a pair of rims…

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