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Translogic IS4 Intellishift Quickshifter

Perfect if you want to emulate a MotoGP rider
Perfect if you want to emulate a MotoGP rider From: Mag Europe Price: From £420.00

This device is unique and powerful. The advanced Intellishift quickshifters are the smallest multi-channel systems available, and unlike other single channel quickshifters, the latest range of Intellishift systems provide the finest MotoGP seamless shift simulation. For more information email

Product Features:

• Adaptive Shift Technology that adapts to your riding style.

• Pro Tuner Mode providing the ultimate tuning customisation

• Dual channel sensors with road or race shift pattern

• MotoGP seamless shift simulation

• Zero dyno time, works first time

• Durashift titanium and steel sensor construction

• Advanced multi-channel quickshifter technology

• Optional On-the-Fly quickset adjuster

• Trusted by OEMs, factory fitted

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