X-Lite X-802R Ultra Carbon MotoGP Helmet

Perfect for fans of the blue riband class
Perfect for fans of the blue riband class From: MotoGP Price: £849.99 Sizes: XS to XXL

If you have a £50 head, wear a £50 helmet. Or so the old saying goes. So, if you have an £850 head, this is the lid for you…

X-Lite’s top-spec X-802R Ultra Carbon MotoGP lid has all the characteristics of a racing helmet. It’s got a super-light carbon fibre shell, keeping weight down to 1,280g, and super-luxurious linings.

The lid is exclusively available for sale on the MotoGP Store website, limited to 99 numbered helmets. On the rear of the shell will be a label with progressive numbers from 0 to 99.

This limited edition is equipped with a flat clear visor and inside the box there is a dark green race visor and two tear-off kits.

To complete the racing look it comes with a special edition helmet bag with X-Lite and MotoGP logos plus an additional racing bag with a visor pocket. This very exclusive lid is a must for MotoGP fans and comes in sizes XS to XXL.

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