Marquez, Luthi given warning over Qatar Moto2 handbags

Marquez and Luthi have been told off
Marquez and Luthi have been told off Picture: Repsol Media

Marc Marquez and Thomas Luthi have both been shown a yellow card by MotoGP race director Mike Webb for their Moto2 handbags incident at Qatar.

Luthi slapped the Spaniard on his arm on the slowing down lap because he thought the Repsol man had pushed him wide into turn one on the final lap. It was seen on telly by millions so Webb has given them both a smacked wrist, according to the stout chaps at, who were there.

Apparently, Luthi’s little love tap on the right arm of Marquez was delivered as the 2011 runner-up was waving to the both people in crowd with his left, so could have caused an incident. Race direction deemed the intial pass by Marquez, which saw him pull across the nose of the Swiss, also borderline dangerous too.

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