MotoGP Brno test: No significant progress for Rossi

Movistar Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi ended yesterday’s Brno MotoGP test pleased with some of the work but said as a whole not much had changed from Sunday.

The Doctor had new electronic strategies, a new fairing and, like everyone else, a new Michelin front to test which he didn’t particularly like.

“It was a good test, because we had very hot conditions - similar to those we had during the GP weekend - so we could try something else. We worked on acceleration on the first touch of the throttle and also on trying to save the tyres during the races,” said Rossi.

“We tried different things and found that some things were good, but we have to put them all together. Unfortunately we weren’t able to improve the performance from yesterday, so I think for Austria the situation will be the same.”

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