MotoGP Motegi: Lorenzo threatens Zarco with Safety Commission

Picture: Ducati Corse

Former MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo has slated Johann Zarco’s riding following their clash in the early stages of yesterday’s Motegi MotoGP, saying he is too aggressive and like he is on a PlayStation game.

The Ducati man has threatened to go to the Safety Commission over the incident, which he says isn’t the first with the Frenchman, because he believes that if something isn’t done, then it could really end in tears.

“He is very aggressive overtaking, I think it’s too much. Looks like it is similar as when you play on PlayStation. He feels like there is no rider in front of him and he is just entering your line and he doesn’t care,” said Lorenzo, speaking at the track.

“I would like to speak with Safety Commission to see what you can do because for me, something can happen in the future. He is not aware that he is too aggressive. I went to talk to him when he finished, but he did not think he did anything wrong.”

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