New throttle body rules making life tough for Camier

Picture: GeeBee Images

MV Agusta’s Leon Camier may have to re-invent the wheel when the WorldSBK testing ban comes to an end this month as he gets used to a bike which can no longer split its throttle bodies and must use all four cylinders all the time instead of dropping on to one or two pots when required.

Regulations brought in for 2017 mean all WorldSBK bikes must run throttle bodies homologated on their road equivalents so Camier, plus Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes on the Kawasakis among others, have to change the way they work to accomodate - which will mean a whole host of new electronics strategies in compensation.

“Basically, you have to use all four cylinders all all points in the corner. Before, at the first touch of gas, we would run two cylinders or only a 500cc bike at that point and then bring in the other two cylinders later in the rpm as you stand the bike up when the tyre and the position of the bike can cope with the extra power,” said Camier.

“Having to run four cylinders is making the bike more difficult for us. We’re having to compensate in others ways with electronics to kill the power down low making it smooth enough to drive off the corner. At the moment, we are struggling to get the connection right. I think we are going to have to change the way the electronics are working to get the feeling that I need but it’s pretty difficult to do.”

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