Mick’s Grill: a second quiz from racing legend Chatterton

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Road racing legend Mick Chatterton is in lockdown and unable to roam the streets of Barnsley so we asked him to come up with a few light-hearted quizzes to prevent him going nuts:

1) Who was the first 350cc World Champion on a two-stroke?

2) Who was the first Englishman to win the 125 World Championship?

3) Who became the second rider to win a 500GP on a Cagiva?

4) Which former 500cc World Champion is the current circuit safety advisor for MotoGP?

5) Which former works AJS Grand Prix rider of the 1950s has a famous bend on the TT Course named after him?

Quiz one answers:

1) Luigi Taveri
2) Jack Findlay
3) 1955 Duilio Agostini
4) 1984
5) Harald-Olof Ingemar (Olle) Nygren